Sightlab Media Research is the businessy, public face of Thomas Dudley's creative efforts. Mr. Dudley's interest in (and, for better or worse, preferences regarding) design began in the early 1990's when his disgruntled art teacher suggested he might enroll in his high school's industrial graphic arts classes. These classes taught the (then-still relevant) foundations of hot & cold typesetting, offset & letterpress printing, and involving the darkroom in print production. A subsequent summer job with Sue Katz in the design department at Chartpak (a department with one Mac for the 6 or 7 designers - most type was applied via the company's rub-on Lettraset lettering) set still more wheels in motion. Further experience in special visual effects (namely on the acclaimed cinematic classic Judge Dredd), TV editing, silkscreening, rubber stamps, chemistry, stage magic, vacu-forming, blacksmithing, painting, and laser CNC machines have served only to warp Mr. Dudley in interesting new directions.

Sightlab has, for better or worse (and without any actual incorporation, charter or business plan), been providing highly creative identity & design services since 1999. Originally founded in Portland, Oregon as a poster service for Northwest bands, Sightlab naturally moved East when Thomas did.
Attention is paid to context, content & intent to deliver results that are, hopefully, as appropriate as they are impressive.

More likely than not, I want to do your project. Unless it's breathtakingly dull or offends my sensibilities (not much does outside of fart jokes, nazis & extreme religious nuts), I'm interested. However, I have limited time in my week so I have to be somewhat selective. I'm always, at the very least, interested in discussing your project. Initial consultations are free. Once work has been agreed upon, we can discuss whether a hourly, daily or flat rate is best suited to the project, as well as the terms of that rate. This includes anything that directly relates to the job at hand: photography, research, meetings (in person or via telephone), etc. Travel is my responsibility in most situations. The specific needs of each project dictate what concessions can be made. Please note that I cannot provide a "menu" of flat pricing options - the creative & labor needs of each project will dictate the cost involved.

Email me at info(at)sightlab(dot)com with any questions or proposals.

Print & digital design & layout
Web front-end/look & feel
Tyoesetting & typography
3D & experience design
Logos & branding
Hand lettering & signpainting
Laser-based cutting, engraving & protoyping

The Barbarian Group
NYC Department of Parks & Recreation
InnovImmune Biopharmaceutics
Hope & Olive
Kathleen Miller Photography
Mesa Verde Burrito Bar
Simon's Stamps
Hometown Productions
Tonga Women International Social Club
Old Deerfield
Franklin County Agricultural Society
Juicy Red Music
Every Day Prophets
Pioneer Valley Surveyors
Western Massachusetts Community Radio
Greenfield Community Television
Conway Tool & Forge
Franklin County Museum of Industrial Heritage

Hampden Gallery, University of Massachusetts "Group Dynamics", Exhibition of 10 Western Massachusetts artists, Amherst, MA, May 2009
StarBux Studio Group Show, Turners Falls, MA, March 2009
2nd Street Bakery, "New Laser Cut Objects" solo exhibition, Turners Falls, MA, December 2008
Trophy Industries "Debutante Party", Group Exhibition, Greenfield, MA, April 2007