Horaflora/Bromptreb 7 inch record
Split 7-inch Bromptreb/Horaflora record sleeve
Art directed & designed cutom combined logoform.
Edition of 300, available from YEAY!

Horaflora/Bromptreb 7 inch record
Each sleeve is laser cut, hand folded & glued,
with a random image behind the perforated logo taken from
National Gorgraphic magazine.

Horaflora/Bromptreb 7 inch record
Stamping the record informaton (above)
and a 2-color stamp on the rear of the sleeve (below)

Horaflora/Bromptreb 7 inch record
As astute visitors may or may not have noticed, I designed the logo for
SF Bay area noise artist Raub Roy (Horaflora). He and Neel Young (Bromptreb,
and who you may also know from avant-noise mainstays Fat Worm of Error)
asked if I could make somehting for their split 7 release. They accidentially
made tracks that feel very organically paired, flowing easily across both
sides despite clear differences in sound and technique. The works themselves
are natural/artificial, digital/analogue, etc even within themselvesm so I wanted
to address the artifial/organic elements, the coincidences & contrast between
the artists and tracks, blah blah. The typography in the logo is willfully tough,
like a semi-digitized piano roll. Behind the laser cut words, a random image is
glued against the paper. Rubber stamps on the center labels & back of sleeve bring
a handmade chaos against the die cut lines on the front.