Sweet Rikki logo #1

Rikki Rozelle is a fabulous chef. In the summer of 2010, she decided to take her passions for flavor, texture and treats, and start making ice cream. This isn't regular chocolate/vanilla ice cream, but inventive neue-cream with new, unusual ingredients like avocado or curry.
Sweet Rikki logo #2

We agreed that she needed some sort of identity, but she wasn't sure what it would be. Serious & adult? Urban & playful? I made a few examples, these two are pretty much the extremes.
Sweet Rikki Logo #3
The brushy/van-skate-surf style appealed the most. I sent her this example which accidentially had my sketchy layer still visible.
rikki times 6
The logo is mainly intended to be a 1-color rubber stamp on the cartons, but if we need color....well, it looks nice in color. This version needs to be refined for more consistency. The "Sweet" part isn't there yet.